Meet Diana

Rochester Sunflowers

Hey everyone! I'm Diana and to put it simply, I love to write. As a child, my mom bought me notebooks that I would carry around to create stories. My goal is to share my experiences and highlight passionate professionals in Rochester. I hope my blog introduces you to important causes and I encourage you to network with the people I trust. 

It's no surprise that I have a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communication and was the Editor in Chief of my college's news organization. Now, I help medical professionals reach their clinical goals as a sales professional. 

I'm newly married and although my new last name doesn't sound like it, I am 100% Italian. I grew up surrounded by the comfort of food and family, something you could also expect as a guest in my home. Although I didn't know it before I got married, I'm a great cook - which I attest to my Italian heritage. 

I'm an adventure seeker - I scuba dived with sharks in Hawaii and I zip lined upside down in Honduras. This wouldn't shock you if you knew I was a tomboy growing up. Even more so, I was a level eight competitive gymnast and to this day, I consider myself an athlete due to my commitment to health and fitness. 

Feel free to follow me on social media, send a DM or leave a note. I would love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading and happy writing!