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A change of heart

I wanted to be great at everything I did. Typical of a perfectionist with a type A personality, right?

Well, when I received a letter in the mail to attend a "pageant open call session," my mom told me I couldn't do it all and I had to choose between gymnastics or pageants. Just like any young teenager, I didn't want to believe her because I wanted to sit first flute in the band, do a pageant, be an incredible student, work a job and be a competitive gymnast.

I ended up going to that open call session and I saw the opportunity associated with a crown and banner. It was a monumental moment because I knew this new open door could help me grow as a person.

After making top ten at my very first pageant, I never looked back to gymnastics and I made that choice.

I told my gymnastics team that I was quitting because I wanted to be Miss NY. I said goodbye to 11 years of my life for a chance at this new dream that I hoped I wouldn't regret.

Thankfully I didn't regret it. A year of service that I felt so lucky to have was only a fraction of what pageantry could provide.

My mom always said "find your passion." I finally realized what that meant. Find what you love and pursue it completely. Don't do six different things and be mediocre at all of them.

It is difficult to say no to everything you want to pursue in life. But you never know what a change of heart can do when you find a new passion. For me, that choice gave me everything I needed to be who I am today.

Everything happens for a reason. Trust in your path and enjoy the journey to your temporary destination.

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