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A fearless leader

Growing up, I was always up for a challenge. When it was time to pick a class president in elementary school, it was no surprise that my name was on the list.

As I recall this childhood goal, I remember thinking that I became a leader when I heard my name called over the loud speaker as the principal announced the results of the election. But I was wrong. I became a leader years before I became class president in sixth grade.

I became a leader the second I believed in the power of my dreams. The goal of becoming class president taught me that a leader lives out their dreams in all facets of their life. I still live by that motto.

Today, I mentor students as the Editor in Chief of my college's news organization. It is a job that tests my ability to lead, but it is a responsibility I will always cherish. It is rewarding to watch a student journalist thrive because of my advice and there isn't a better feeling than watching hard work come to fruition.

From class president in elementary school to Editor in Chief, these experiences provided a framework to be a titleholder that leads fearlessly.

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