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A ten year old platform

My mom created my platform almost ten years ago. I had no idea an extracurricular activity that my mom fostered as my band director would turn into something that I am so passionate about.

Since 2011, I have played my flute in memory care homes. My mom would gather flute students that were passionate about music and we traveled to several memory care homes during the holiday time. My friends and I shared popular holiday tunes like 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas' or 'Silent Night'. Not only did we create an interactive and warm environment, but I also had so much fun spending time with my friends. At the time, I was young and I didn't realize what my gift of music could do.

After I graduated high school and our student flute groups ended, my mom and I continued to play our flutes at memory care homes in honor of my grandmother who had Alzheimer's. I will never forget the look of joy on my grandpa's face when he heard his daughter and granddaughter play their flutes together. However, it wasn't until I needed to create a platform for MAO that I realized the relevancy of what I was already doing for my community.

My mom always says to find your passion and I have to thank MAO for allowing me to realize what that passion is. Today, I am proud to say that my mom's idea transformed into my platform, Memories Through Music: Alzheimer's Awareness. I currently play my flute at a memory care home at least once a month. Yet, I expanded my platform when I realized the importance of service that a titleholder must embody. After volunteering at memory care homes, I realized that people with Alzheimer's can feel uncomfortable when they are asked to leave their rooms. After noticing this, I wanted to reach those who didn't engage in interactive group activities. With service and music in mind, I started donating radios to memory care homes. I am overjoyed to say that with the help of community members, over 100 radios have been donated.

I love that the Miss America Organization encourages women to be innovative and work hard through service. I am excited to continue this work through service as Miss Finger Lakes after a rewarding week at Miss NY!

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