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A thousand memories

A trip to the Thousand Islands will never be the same because it was a place where so many memories were made. For years I was able to recreate these memories with my sister, grandparents and mom. As we continued to visit our family vacation spot, my grandparents got older and recreating those moments became a thing of the past.

We all anticipated the yearly trip to Alexandria Bay in the Thousand Islands. I remember fishing on the dock with my grandfather. And when my mom would call us inside, my grandfather would tie a fishing line onto the dock. When we came out a few hours later, we were greeted by a huge fish that was tricked by the bait hanging from the line.

When we walked the shops in Alex Bay, I remember eating these lemon drop candies. My grandma would buy them for my sister and I when my mom visited a psychic just a few shops down. As we chewed away on hard candy, my grandpa was notorious for eating Thousand Islands cheese curds.

Every morning we would visit a small restaurant across the street from our hotel, that I think is still in business. We used to go there so much that the servers had my favorite doughnut already ordered.

I realized our trips to the Islands were coming to an end when my grandma could no longer attend. We took our last vacation to keep the tradition going, even though my grandma was in a memory care home. My sister and I were still so excited to fish with our grandfather. But I felt my grandma's absence when my grandfather felt guilty fishing without his wife. I think that was my grandpa's last trip to the islands and I think it was the last time I ever casted a line.

But the one thing I miss most about these memories are the jokes my grandpa told. On our way down to the Islands my grandpa would notice animals grazing at a farm. Year after year we would pass those farms and my grandpa would say, "what do cows eat?" We would say, "hay!" My grandpa would respond with "hey, what?" At the time the joke was corny and overused but now it is something that I wish I could hear one more time.

The time will come when you can't recreate memories. If you live in the moment and appreciate the little things, the memories will last forever.

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