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A twenty year old memory

I can recall a memory from when I was two years old, probably because I did some silly things when I was a toddler. My mom can remember a time when I ate sticks of butter and fell asleep in my highchair when I ate meals. Eating sticks of butter is definitely questionable, but this vivid memory still puzzles me.

It was early in the morning and two year old Diana walked out of her bedroom. When I realized that my mom and sister were watching TV without me, I hung my head and rolled my eyes up towards my eyebrows. I stomped around the corner of our ranch house and went into the living room. My mom and sister faced me as they sat side by side on the living room couch. My mom sat on the left, my sister sat on the right and they were separated by a pull down table.

I was so jealous that my mom was spending time with my sister and not me. So, I ran towards my mom and sister with my head hanging and sat next to my mom on the floor. Within seconds, I jumped up because I realized that I sat on my mom’s coffee that she placed on the floor. A second degree burn later and a memory I will never forget.

The time that I spend with my family is precious, even if they are silly memories like this that I will remember forever. I am so thankful that my mom was able to create special moments with my sister and I, even as a single mom. My mom is my number one cheerleader and I am so grateful to share so many special experiences with her as Miss Finger Lakes!

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