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An eggcellent recipe

If you are friends with Italians, you might know that we love to make sure our guests are fully fed and greeted with food when they enter our home. My mom likes to joke that my sister would take full advantage of this Italian luxury. When my sister was younger, she used to "pretend" to be sick just to spend a day at our grandparent's house rather than at school. As soon as my mom dropped off my sister for a "sick day" at grandma and grandpa's, my sister was notorious for asking our grandparents "what is there to eat?!"

Dessert table at Christmas Eve
Dessert table at Christmas Eve

Whether it was canned cherries, homemade lupini beans, fried dough, freshly baked rolls or mouthwatering waffles, my grandparents made the best food. And, my sister knew it. Her favorite soup to eat on her infamous sick day was egg soup. The taste is indescribable and I definitely recommend trying it. However, the recipe calls for ditalini mixed with pieces of scrambled egg.

Growing up, I remember watching the Price is Right with my grandpa while he ate egg soup out of a coffee mug. Today, when 11 am hits, I love to watch the Price is Right and eat lunch..just like my grandpa.

After eight years, my sister recovered my grandpa's egg soup recipe. Even though a heat wave has hit New York, I wanted to share my grandpa's recipe.


1) 4 cups of water (adjust based on amount of ditalini used)

2) 1 tsp Olive oil

3) 1/2 clove of minced garlic

3) 2 cups of ditalini (adjust based on amount of water used)

4) Between 1-2 eggs (can add more egg)

Pour water, olive oil and garlic into pot on medium heat on stove. Let boil. Once boiled, add ditalini. Scamble eggs in separate bowl. Once ditalini is cooked, add scrambled eggs. Let boil until eggs are cooked.

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