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Hello Rochester: Celestial Dental

Updated: May 1, 2021

After Dr. Antonio Calascibetta (Dr. C) obtained his DDS from SUNY Buffalo and finished residency training at Eastman Dental, he was an associate dentist at three different offices. Ultimately, he envisioned a highly efficient and lean practice that challenged the current trends in the dental industry, and by starting Celestial Dental from the ground up, the vision was realized.

By reinventing the solo dentist model, Celestial Dental became a progressive practice utilizing the most up-to-

date equipment and treatment modalities. They see patients of all ages and all sorts of backgrounds, and Dr. C and his team are blessed to serve them all.


1. With a variety of options in medicine, why did you want to become a dentist? When I was a kid, I was fascinated by all aspects of science. My grandparents recognized this, and they would give me books frequently. One birthday, I received a book on human anatomy. I got stuck on the page that was all about teeth, and the rest is history

2. As the youngest dentist to own a practice in Monroe County, to what do you attribute your success? I was raised in a self-made family and was frequently told that if you want something bad enough, you need to work for it. I worked in pizza for nine years. I started a college storage business with my brother that is still ongoing eleven years later. This was all on top of college and dental school. The discipline and time management I mastered early on in adulthood gave me the tools to start a practice from scratch. It wasn't easy… but it was well worth it!

3. With Celestial Dental being just over a year old, what differentiates the care you provide?

I would like to think that the level of transparency we have in our office in all that we do (treatment

recommended and performed, treatment models, patient finances, etc.) allows patients to connect with us

immediately. Additionally, our practice grew tremendously by word of mouth because we see patients in pain in the same day they call us. Apparently, many dentists in the area are unable to make these accommodations.

4. Celestial Dental is home to state-of-the-art technology. Does this set a standard for other dental offices in the area? I would not say that it sets a standard. I have seen plenty of beautiful restorations and treatment performed on patients using old-school techniques. I've seen perfectly good dental crowns older than I am. However, technology DOES allow our office to be much more efficient. Patients receive treatment more quickly, and our costs are significantly lower. As a result, we can see more patients on insurance plans and discount accordingly to those patients using our Star Membership program. My thought is this – if technology will help you become a better dentist… wouldn't you want it on your side to better treat your patients?

5. What is the future of Celestial Dental?

I don't know. LOL. I had a five-year plan for the office that was met within 16 months… You can ask my staff;

I'm constantly working on new projects to better service them and my patients. Anything goes for the long term.

In the near future, my goal is to be the only general dentist office that is open seven days a week and has

evening hours 5 days a week. This would make us the most accessible office in Monroe County. I also hope

that, except for the most obscure of treatments needed, patients will be able to have all of their treatment

needs under our roof.

6. Anything else you would like to add?

Fun fact – even before I decided to become a dentist, astronomy was my first love. This is the only dental

office in the entire county that integrates its name with the theme.

There are space-related imagery and models all over the practice, and it has genuinely made my patients feel

at ease, many of them saying, "It doesn't even feel like a dental office in here!". I think that is the ultimate goal

all dentists would like to have in managing the anxious patient and making a visit to the office exciting.

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