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French Fries and Friendship

I think I first met Marissa when we chatted on MySpace about the homemade french fries our grandparents made us. I had no idea that simple conversation would give me a best friend. Fries before guys, right?! Before we met virtually and then in person, Marissa sat at the 'cool girls lunch table'. Until this day, she will tell you that she thought I was loud and unapproachable. Did someone not tell her that she was loud!?

After Marissa left the 'cool girls lunch table' we became the only two people at lunch that sat together in the corner. This is where we planned my grandparent's vow renewal, celebrated her role as a bridesmaid in her dad's wedding, gossiped about the latest middle school drama and trusted each other with our secrets. Although we were friendly, we quickly formed a clique of two. Go ahead and call us nerds because we also sat together on the bus and had our homework done before we got home. Marissa and I bonded over our parents divorce, our Italian heritage and the fact that we played similar sports. We weren't very popular, but we were content to have each other.

Marissa used to put her hair in a big bun every day in middle school. The hair style reminded me of a perfectly placed slinky on the top of her head. I remember taking a bathroom selfie and snapped the perfect picture of her hair do. I wish I still had that photo!

Marissa was also the best with guys and she always set the standard for anyone she dated. I remember standing at our blue lockers daily to gossip about guys. She was the epitome of an alpha female! I bet you wouldn't believe me if I said we had the same high school boyfriend (at different times of course). But, we tottally did lol!

In 2012 when we were in high school, Marissa lived with my family for a short period of time. We had so much fun living with each other and I specifically remember dancing non-stop to Baauer's Harlem Shake. This is when we both decided to go to college for pharmacy. Although our dreams of going to pharmacy school together never came true, Marissa became the best dental hygienist I ever had! My entire family treated and continues to treat Marissa like family. She traveled to my pageant competitions, visited family with us and my grandpa even saw her as his adopted granddaughter. We walked through life together and I have no doubt that will continue for the rest of our lives. Lucky her, lol!

They say that any friendship that exceeds seven years is more than likely to last a lifetime. Who can honestly say that they have a true friend that has stuck around for 13 years? I'll admit that friendships are hard but I've been lucky to have a true friend like Marissa. Together, we are authentic and free of judgement. We want the best for each other and there's nothing that life can throw at us that would break our bond. When you find a friend that is strong, loyal and caring like Marissa, know that you will have a friend for life. And you might even be able to date the same

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