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Hello Rochester: Feel Good Fitness

In addition to being a proud mom to three amazing children, Jeannine Graziano is a Certified AMFPT Personal Trainer and exercise enthusiast! Feel Good Fitness offers people of all ages the chance to feel their best through exercise, good nutrition and socialization. Her studio, located at 109 Lake Ave in Hilton, NY, is a friendly, welcoming place where no one should ever feel intimidated. No need for make-up or cute workout clothes. Just be yourself and do your best!


1. What inspired you to become a personal trainer and open your own training facility?

I started Feel Good Fitness almost ten years ago already. My inspiration has always been my mother. She taught me the importance of taking care of myself both physically and mentally. We would go to the gym together when I was a young adult and I was always impressed with what she taught me; that I deserved to feel strong, feel worthy, be more! My mother didn’t always have the best health habits. She grew up in a time when smoking cigarettes was the thing to do. She also, being Italian, had a love for some foods that really aren’t the best for our health. Seeing her begin to fall ill, made me realize, I didn’t want that for myself. I wanted what she taught me, I wanted more.

I increased my workouts, became a trainer and started working with clients one-on-one. It felt great, I felt good, hence Feel Good Fitness. I still wanted more! I wanted to show other women what my mom showed me. I wanted a place of my own where women, and men who could hang with us, lol, could come and feel alive. Feel Good Fitness is exactly that. We are a group of people who support, encourage and empower each other to be our best.

2. Other than physical strength, what can someone gain from exercising?

Other than physical strength, exercise provides you with a sense of mental strength, pride and endurance. It gives us energy and that “I can get through anything” feeling. For me, exercise makes me happy. It makes me feel like singing.

3. Is it important to have a healthy relationship with food? Why or why not?

It is 100% important to have a healthy relationship with food. Food is fuel for our bodies. It shouldn’t be a reward for working out! Healthy habits and consistency are important in overall health and attaining goals. We must keep in mind that over or under eating can have such negative effects on our health, our bodies and our minds. I think it is important to allow ourselves to indulge, here-and-there, in that chocolate cake. Often times, being too strict can lead to depression and anxiety.

4. What is negative body image and can exercising help change this mindset?

Negative body image is when you are overly focused on what you perceive to be the ideal body image or set unrealistic expectations for yourself. I do believe exercise can help promote a positive body image. If an individual is struggling with negative body image issues, the best way to overcome that is by learning to create a positive mindset. The focus should be on becoming the best version of yourself, rather than changing your body. The words, 'change your body' can make someone feel like their body is wrong and needs to be changed. Instead, focus on a goal to make your unique and wonderful body healthy and fit so that you are comfortable and confident!

5. How do you encourage young adults to love their body?

I consider myself a role model for young adults who want to achieve their fitness goals. I help encourage them to love their bodies by loving mine! I also maintain a positive attitude towards food and exercise. I make working out fun! I am honest about what I eat and they like that we can relate to each other. Another important one is, I don’t place emphasis on their size or weight but rather on what their strengths and skills are. Example: Your squats are amazing and your legs are so strong!

6. What is your secret to obtaining a healthy mind, body and soul?

My secret to obtaining a healthy mind, body and soul is to simply take care of myself. To believe that I deserve to be healthy, to be happy and to feel good. Working out, eating right and surrounding myself with people who support me makes me happy. Helping other people to feel their personal best through fitness is one of my absolute favorite things! It is an amazing feeling and I get to do that every day! I LOVE IT!!! So it’s simple, doing what I love is my secret!

7. Anything else you would like to add?


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