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Hello Rochester: S.H.E Salon

Kaitlyn Fransisco is a Licensed Esthetician and the Founder/Owner and CEO of S.H.E Lash Academy, S.H.E Salon, S.H.E Slays and S.H.E Shop.


1. Explain your background in the beauty industry.

My experience in the beauty industry and as a salon owner has a totally changed my life. I truly believe that I’ve been put on this earth with the purpose of making women believe in themselves, love themselves, and enjoy their journey. Having a position where I’m able to change women’s lives is more than some thing I could have ever imagined. The team that I work with is also incredible. We live free and happy every single day! Often times your hear people getting up and going to work in the morning saying that they don’t want to go, or they’re having anxiety and the thought of having to be at their job is crippling. For us, it’s going to work every day that is our safe haven!!! It’s what makes us the happiest we could possibly be!"

2. What does S.H.E stand for and does it hold any significance in your salon?

S.H.E. Stands for strength hope and empowerment. It means so many things. It started out being encompassed with donation-based work. Bringing in women who have been through loss, trauma and illness and donating services to them at no cost. Consistently giving away eyebrows to people who are going through chemo. It’s been the most amazing journey. Now it stands for even more. For my team, it’s believing in our dreams. It’s saying how high we can actually go and how happy we can actually be. The strength to believe in ourselves, the hope that our dreams are possible and empowering each other to work towards them and create the happiest lives imaginable every single day. When it comes to our clients, it’s creating a safe space for them. Allowing them to come in and talk about their personal life or share their woes without any judgment. And us being able to be free to engage in those conversations so that we can build trust and loyalty within each other. When it comes to my students, it’s propelling them forward. It’s teaching them how to let go of their self-limiting beliefs, how to manifest the woman that they want to become without any obstacle getting in their way. It’s being authentic. Believing in yourself and knowing that being yourself is your super power that will take you to infinite levels!

3. What is your mission as owner of S.H.E Salon?

My mission as the owner of S.H.E. is to empower individuals to feel confident, beautiful and strong. I strive to be one of the most sought after, well respected beauty schools and salons in the industry, amongst many other amazing individuals! My mission is to give back to the community. To rise by lifting others. To build outstanding customer service, educated and professional team members. To be a philanthropist. To create an empire of highly trained professionals who share the same over arching goal, of helping and empowering others and themselves. My mission is to create a space where people feel completely comfortable being exactly who they are.

4. Compared to other salons, is the experience at S.H.E Salon unique? Why or why not?

Compared to other salons in the area, while all of them are absolutely astounding in their own ways. What differs from our location currently is that I want everyone who works there to be as free as possible. They set their own hours. They come and go as they please. They pay rent and they keep whatever else they make so they have an opportunity to make as little or as much money as they would like. If they need to take a vacation, they do so without asking. If they’re having an off week with their mental health, they take the time for themselves without being scared to. They wear what they want that’s true to their personality and identity. They talk about whatever needs to be talked about with their clients. They are free, they have self love, and most importantly we have an outstanding team.

5. As someone who provides beauty services and with body positivity at the forefront, what advice would you give to a teenager struggling with their self image?

The advice that I would give a teenager that is struggling with their image is this… Nothing in this world matters except for your mindset. You are a goddess. You are divine. Everything about you is completely flawless. We only need one person to tell us every single day that everything about ourselves is perfect and everyone else in the world will believe it! And that person is ourselves. Don’t spend time worrying about your thoughts in your mind that bring you down, thank those thoughts for trying to protect you and send them on their way. And reprogram yourself to believe that you are beautiful, you are strong and you are perfect exactly as you are! When you think this way, no one can ever bring you down!

6. What does the future for S.H.E Salon look like?

The future for S.H.E. is infinite! I see multiple locations. I see us being outside of New York. I see many, many, many women achieving their dreams. And I see my team and I living our most amazing dream life that we didn’t even know was possible! Together we rise!

7. Anything else you would like to add?

If there’s something that you really love… No matter what it is… Hold onto it, enjoy it every single day, and figure out how to make money doing something with it. Because if you do what you love every single day, you will love yourself and most importantly you will never, ever be unhappy! Don’t ever let anyone make you think that your dreams are not possible or that they are unachievable. Do what you love, love yourself, and always have a positive mindset!

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