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Hello Rochester: Joeval's Formalwear

Jordyn Adams-Dane is the daughter of Kathie, Owner of Joeval's Formalwear and Bridal. At Joeval's - if there is an occasion that requires a dress...they usually sell it! They work hard to bring a lot of exclusive lines (not sold online or at any other retailers within a 75 mile radius) to the Rochester area. This is for both bridal and formalwear. They strive to be a "one-stop-shop," meaning that you can hopefully put together the majority of your ensemble all in one place! (dress, jewelry, accessories, and sometimes shoes)


1. When did Joeval's open and what was the inspiration behind creating a prom, pageant and formal store in Rochester?

Joeval's opened in 2011. When my sister and I (Jordyn) were shopping for our own prom dresses, we were like "jeez, there really is no speciality formalwear store in our area," aside from the mainstream department stores. There wasn't a store that sold unique formalwear specific to prom. We ended up traveling to find our dresses. So that's when our mom (Kathie) was like..."let's start one here!"

2. Does the name Joeval's hold any significance?

Yes! The first two letters of Kathie's children's names. (JOrdyn, EVan, ALexandra)

3. What does the 'behind the scenes' work of a local dress shop entail?

LOL. A lot of anxiety. A lot of stress. A lot of pressure! People usually shop with us for a special occasion....prom, pageant, wedding, etc. It's not just a little date night dress! If there is an oversight or mistake, it's a big deal! We try to be cutting-edge organized, and always double check one another. Also, being a family business, there is always some comical "repartee" going on. A lot of people always joke that we should have our own tv show...I guess we are pretty entertaining!

4. With online shopping increasing, how do you maintain the relevancy of shopping in store?

This is really hard, and becoming even harder with the pandemic. One thing that you can't get with online shopping is being able to see the actual garment in person. Quality, texture, and color always appear different online. To be able to see exactly what you're getting and take it home with you that day is always something that has appealed to me! Also, we like to think that working one on one with an actual person and being able to have a real life conversation with someone and talk about your look is invaluable! Sadly, a lot of people take advantage of all of this in the store (seeing the garment in person, working with our associates and "picking their brains"), and then still go home and order that dress online from an online retailer.

5. What does the future of Joeval's and Joeval's Bridal look like?

I think looking to the future, we definitely want to shift our focus to bridal. With online shopping becoming more and more of a problem, a wedding gown is one thing that consumers *usually* are not willing to gamble ordering online. After all, it is one of the most important dresses you will ever wear! I love bridal....I love the gowns, I love the accessories. It is all very high end, whimsical, and unique. I'm really excited to see what the future holds!

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