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Diagnosed With Bieber Fever

When I heard Justin Bieber sing "Baby" at the My World World Tour, I joined the sea of girls in purple shirts hoping to be Justin Bieber's one less lonely girl. Since his rise to fame in 2009, he has released over 10 albums that have made the top charts several times. Bieber dropped his latest album Justice a week ago and I've compiled a list of my favorite songs, just in case you need to experience what Bieber fever is like.

"2 Much"

"2 Much" starts with a clip of Martin Luther King Jr. and transitions into a slow somber song reflecting on the awe of a woman's beauty. Justin shares that if he misses any of this beauty because of life itself, 'too much' time is wasted. Although the album includes other love songs like "Deserve You" and "As I Am", "2 Much" is the ultimate public confession of love. Since Justin's original fan base consists of millenials, don't be surprised if you hear this song during wedding season. I have no doubt this song will capture the heart's of couples because it's even worthy of being a first dance song for brides and grooms.

"Off My Face"

Although "Off My Face" is similar to "2 Much", there are slight differences that make "Off My Face" notable. Besides Justin's vocals, a guitar joyfully strums throughout the entire song. Justin reflects on how a woman's presence and her love has ultimately impacted his life. Because the tempo of "Off My Face" is slightly faster than "2 Much", I don't see it being played at weddings nearly as much. However, Justin beautifully hums the melody more than half way through the song, which would be perfect for a magical moment. It almost reminds me of something that could be played for Rose and Jack on The Titanic.

"Love You Different"

"Love You Different" could be a number one hit. Unless you're a Justin Bieber fan, you will overlook this song because "Peaches" will initialy capture your attention. This 'underdog song' features BEAM, a Jamaicain producer, songwritter and rapper. The reggae and upbeat vibe that BEAM adds to "Love You Different" contributes to the potential of this song. Not only will you sing this to your hubby, you'll press pause to "Peaches" and dance to the beat of "Love You Different".


Justin released a few songs before Justice dropped, including "Lonely". Although I don't have this song on repeat, this somber beat pulls on the heart strings of any long time JB fan. The lyrics and music video both allude to the beginning of Justin's treacherous career as a child. Bieber reflects on how everyone thinks they know him, yet he still struggles with his identity because of his quick path to fame. This is a reaccuring theme in several JB songs. For example, "I'll Show You" from the album Purpose includes a similar message of Justin struggling to maintain a normal life while his identity and life are on display.

"Hold On"

"Hold On" is my favorite early release from Justice. Justin puts his vulnerability and the power of a woman in his life on display in several songs on the album. However, the lyrics in "Hold On" position Bieber as someone others can rely on, which is the opposite of what you would expect. He brings attention to his faults but shares that this makes him relatable and therefore a great confidant. This feel good and memorable beat is perfect for a drive in the summer with your sun roof open.

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