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Miles to go

As a child, I was inspired by a Disney channel star who is now living out her television character. In 2009, Miley Cyrus ignited the fire inside me that wanted to dream big dreams.

Ten years ago, Cyrus wrote an autobiography titled "Miles to Go." It was a story about what she accomplished and everything she hoped to do. The book even reached #1 on the New York Times children's best seller list. I loved the book so much that I had a Miley World account online. I honestly can't remember what you did on the site but it was everything Miley Cyrus..bascially a child's dream.

A photo from 2010 of my sister and I

After reading the book, I was so inspired to do bigger and better things. I even remember writing on Facebook in 2009 that I wanted to do big things with my life. At the time, I thought I wanted to go to the Olympics as a gymnast. But that dream changed when my passions shifted. I remember that my mom called a talent agent when I was in ninth grade. I can't help but think that foreshadowed my desire to compete in the Miss America Organization.

I am so thankful that the Miss America Organization allows me to share that fire that began so many years ago. Serving, creating change and sharing my voice is something I am so blessed to do as a titleholder. Thank you Miley Cyrus for helping me create dreams and thank you to the Miss America Organization for allowing me to live out my dreams.

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