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Piecing together service

Wishful Threads began as a hobby and a strong friendship. When I grew up, I used to spend almost every day with my friend Brianna making friendship bracelets and jewelry.

After making hundreds of threaded bracelets, Brianna and I created our business Wishful Threads in 2011. We made everything from earrings to tie blankets and donated a portion of the proceeds to CURE Childhood Cancer Association, an association that provides assistance to families with children who have cancer and blood disorders.

I remember staying up hours every night perfecting the Wishful Threads website and making bracelets. After a year or two, we attended three galas and sold our handmade products. We even donated over $1,000 to CURE, a big accomplishment for a BFF duo.

At the time, I was so committed to this endeavor and took my job as an 'entrepreneur' seriously. I can't help but think of how supportive my mom was too. She wants the best for me and will do anything in her power to make sure I am 102% prepared for anything. Not only did my mom take Wishful Threads as seriously as I did, but she taught me how to work hard too.

There is so much joy that derives from hard work. I think that is why I enjoy participating in the Miss America Organization. Hard work is just that, hard work. But the sense of accomplishment that comes from putting my crown and banner to work is indescribable. I didn't know it then, but I started to wear my 'crown' way before my Miss America Organization year of service began.

I will forever by grateful for this memory, experience and opportunity. It taught me how to be a supportive friend, a fearless leader and someone who sees the value in serving others.

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