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Hello Rochester: Real Estate W/ Julia Furano

I help both buyers and sellers make their real estate goals a reality! Whether someone is upsizing, downsizing, or buying for the first time, through experience, market research, and personal connections I strive to make the process from contract to closing a smooth one, and dare I say, a fun one, too!


1. Why did you pursue a career in real estate?

I'm a big believer that life takes us to exactly where we need to be, when we need to be there--which almost seems like an oxymoron coming from someone who is a big planner. I obtained my masters in communication with the end goal of becoming a college professor, and now here I am, nearly a decade into a real estate career. How'd that happen? The same thing that led me to become successful in my career, relationships. I was at a charity event with my mom when I was introduced to a real estate broker. One conversation there led to a phone conversation, which led to a meeting, and within three weeks I was licensed and onto an exciting new adventure! I had always had interest in real estate, especially since I had purchased my home about a year prior, and when the opportunity presented itself to learn more about how I could help young first-time homebuyers (which was my initial niche), I jumped at it! Sometimes passions find you and it is an effortless fit.

2. What do you offer clients that sets you apart from other realtors?

My approach to real estate is relationship focused, both with clients and professionals in the field. This is paramount in making sure buyers and sellers feel comfortable and confident in their decisions. My clients know I am a phone call or text away to answer any of their questions or concerns. Real estate is one of the biggest financial decisions a person is going to make, and I don't take that lightly. An equally important part of my success (and in turn my client's success) is my relationships with other realtors. There are over 3000 agents in Rochester, and there are so many wonderful ones that I love to work with. We network together, work together, and keep in mind that at the end of the day, we might represent two different sides, but we have the same end goal: to get buyers and sellers to where they want to be.

3. What are the top two advantages of purchasing a home, instead of renting?

1. When renting a home you are paying someone else's mortgage. When you move out of a lease in one, two, three years, where is all of the rent money you spent? Not in your pocket! When you own a home you build equity, that will come back to you.

2. The second is best summarized by one of my favorite real estate quotes: “Owning a home is a keystone of wealth -- both financial affluence and emotional security.” -Suze Orman There is something to be said for owning your home, and making it your own. A sense of security truly comes from that.

4. What advice would you give to someone interested in pursuing a career as a realtor?

Do your research. Many people often think all real estate agents do is show homes, but really, that is about 10% of the job. It's a career that what you put into it, you get out of it, which can be extremely rewarding if you do it right! I'd also recommend meeting with more than one brokerage, to make sure that relationship is going to be mutually supportive and beneficial.

5. As a Rochester native committed to helping people find their home in this city, what makes Rochester unique?

How many characters can I use for this question?! Rochester is a small city with a big city feel. It's cozy, meets modern, it's trendy meets traditional, it's easy to settle in and feel the ROC love! There is literally something for everyone in this city, and I learn something new from it and it's amazing community members every single.week!

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