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We can document every moment with our phones and my grandpa did the same thing with film. He recorded everything my sister and I did...gymnastics meets, baking rolls, planting seeds, walking the dog and even making an igloo. My grandpa also made videos that were silly to us but meaningful to him. I am sure he foreshadowed my broadcasting career because he even made me introduce some of those videos.

Every year my grandpa filmed his garden and he titled it "Papa Tony's Garden Tour." I have to admit, my grandpa did have a green thumb. He planted grapes, tomatoes, basil, beans, lettuce, carrots, you name it, he grew it. I think leaving behind his garden was one of the toughest things he had to do when he moved out of his house.

But, in honor of graduating college and pursing a grown up job (lol), here is a clip of me introducing my grandpa's garden tour. Try not to let my sarcasm in the video fool you, my grandpa insisted on it. E! News, don't worry, my broadcasting voice has improved since 2007.

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