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Sealed with love

When I hold this memory in my hand, I hear my grandpa's voice, feel his love and see how proud I made him.

My grandpa was so proud of his grandkids and he made sure everyone knew it. I always knew my grandpa was proud of me when he handed me a small yellow envelope. He used to stuff the envelope with money and decorate the outside with a thin sharpie marker. I think he found joy in giving us an envelope instead of a typical card.

One day I realized that these envelopes would mean something long after he stopped giving them to us. Two or three years before my grandfather passed away, I started to save them. I can't remember the last envelope he gave me, but I am so glad I saved about a dozen of them.

Every time I pick up an envelope and read the message he wrote on the front, I am brought back to a moment that impressed my grandpa. My high school graduation, a birthday and an All-State Band performance was accompanied by an envelope. There is comfort in knowing that my grandpa was in awe of his grandkids.

I am sure you have heard the saying, 'enjoy it, before it is gone!' It is so easy to overlook small gestures and family traditions. We tend to think, 'there will always be tomorrow or next year.' Family means a lot to me and there are so many things I wish I could have asked my grandma or grandpa before they passed away. Ask your family members questions and write down their answers. One day, it will be too late to rely on tomorrow or next year.

Today I feel fortunate to still hold and have something that made my grandpa happy. Memories may remain, but if we keep them close, the impact they have can last forever.

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