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She was born with it

Updated: Jan 16, 2018

I was about five years old and I remember my mom held a 'home phone', with a long curly cord, up to my ear. I sat on the kitchen counter as I eagerly waited for my biggest supporters, my grandparents, to pick up the phone.

It was this conversation with my grandparents that forcasted my future as a fluatist. I might have only played one note on my mom's flute for my grandparents over the phone, but I had a few years until fourth grade band marched in.

Looking back on this memory, it seems as if the vivid light that shined through the kitchen window screamed, "this is your destiny."

Fourth grade band eventually rolled around and of course I followed in my mom's foot steps and became a flautist. I remember carrying my mom's baton into fifth grade for career day. I was determined that I would be a music teacher. I wanted to be just like my mom and carry on a family tradition.

I guess you can say the musical talent gene runs in my family. My grandfather was an admirable man who was passionate about music. I can recall my grandpa telling people that he was as old as a piano. Since a piano has 88 keys, my grandfather was obviously 88 years old. A corny joke, I know. But this is a special part of my grandfather that I will never forget.

However, my grandpa was in the United States Army and served during WWII. I can recall a story he told numerous times that was life changing. He would say, "Did I ever tell you about the time the clarinet changed my life?" He would proceed to tell me that his group in the Army was getting ready to leave for a battle in WWII. My grandfather never went with his group because a man drove up in a truck to tell him that he was being restationed. Come to find out, he was transfered to the Army band, where he played his clarinet for a former All County Band conductor. He later found out that his previous group was killed in battle. The clarinet might have saved my grandpa's life, but it changed mine.

My grandfather's passion for music brought our family together. Every time my mom and I played flute duets, we would call my grandpa. As soon as he picked up the phone, we would start playing our flutes. He lit up with joy and excitement. I know that he knew we were carrying down an essential part of our family.

Today when I perform for a group of elders or on stage, I know my grandpa is looking down with a smile.

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