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Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Snapchat is yesterday's AIM. Although my identity didn't rely on what I posted, picking an AIM username was equally important as the like button. At 13 years old, I sat in front of my grandparent's ancient computer and I contemplated what my username, aka my identity, would be. It made perfect sense to call my mom and ask her for advice. The first thing my mom said was "how about dianatalks2much?" Whether it's my Italian heritage or gregarious personality, the username was perfect. Kudos to my 13 year old self because dianatalks2much did become a part of my identity. To this day, I still use dianatalks2much as a username and it was inspiration for 'Dialogue by Diana.'

When I was thinking of a name for this blog, I knew I couldn't use the historic, yet still relevant, dianatalks2much. I needed something more professional and all encompassing. I thought of Diana Chats, Diana Gossips and even Diana Says. But none of those names felt special. You guessed it, I asked my mom for advice. You guessed it again, the first name she thought of was Dialogue by Diana. And once again, it was perfect.

When I think about my entire life, my mom was always there for the big and small moments and as a single mom, she did everything to make my sister and I happy. The three of us natrually assumed the nickname "the Russo girls." Whether it's usernames or shopping for clothes, I will always get my mom's opinion. After all, she did introduce me to my husband! There's something about mom's, they just know everything! If you're a teenager and reading this, just trust me on that one.

Either way, I hope you're inspired by the things I love, the people I trust and the memories that Alzheimer's should never take away. Keep reading and I promise you that Dialogue by Diana will deliver just that.

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