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Hello Rochester: The Hideaway

Max Gordon is the proud owner of The Hideaway. His work at The Hideaway centers around hospitality and creating special moments for every guest they interact with. He strives to make every event they do, whether that is a Friday night dinner out or your wedding, as special as possible, and we believe this is what sets us apart.


1. Explain the history of Hogan's Hideaway becoming The Hideaway.

Four years ago, I purchased Hogan’s Hideaway. After reviewing what needed to change, I realized it was important to bring back what made Hogan's so popular, warm and approachable dining. This also meant there needed to be a facelift and some change made. After redoing the layout of the restaurant, there was a realization that the changes made were greater than anticipated and a new name was needed. I wanted to bridge the gap between old and new and realized we had created a sanctuary away from the hectic life we all lead. This lead to the shortening of the name to The Hideaway.

2. What motivated you to open The Hideaway, as a young business owner?

I love people, there are very few professions where you get to have such a positive impact on people’s lives. I am fortunate to be a part of some of the best days of people’s lives, and there is nothing else like that.

3. With several restaurants located on Park Avenue in Rochester, why should someone frequent The Hideaway?

Every restaurant on Park Avenue is amazing and there is no bad choice, but I believe The Hideaway has found the sweet spot in great food, well crafted drinks, and attentive service at a friendly price point.

4. You support the Rochester community by preparing locally sourced meals and volunteering your time and resources to local charities. Do you believe this is an important aspect of running your business? Why or why not?

I think it is very easy to get caught up in focusing on your close knit circles, and at The Hideaway we are constantly asking ourselves how can we help others and as a restaurant we wouldn’t be here without the support of the community and we feel it is our responsibility to give back.

5. What did you learn from temporarily closing The Hideaway because of the COVID-19 pandemic?

At first, the closures were difficult but someone once said “You can stick your head in the sand and wait for it to pass, or you can go right through the storm and come out better.” We as a team chose to confront the storm head on and worked to come out as a better team and restaurant once this passed. We learned more about ourselves and the community than we ever would have because we stayed open.

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