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The Making of Mr & Mrs. Meyer

Do you remember those TV shows that featured parents deciding who their son/daughter would marry? Whether my mom knew it at the time, that's exactly what happened when she introduced me to Josh in 2018. I had no interest in dating anyone when Josh appeared in my life (thanks mom). However, for Josh, it was almost like love at first sight. Now, I am sure you are thinking, "is she just saying that...?" The answer is no, I'm not! Josh actually told his friends after our first official date that he went on a date with his future wife. See, I told at first sight. So, here's the story...

My mom initially met Josh while they were performing together at a high school musical. Ironically, this was the first musical my mom had performed at in years and Josh was a replacement for another musician. Fate worked really hard to put my mom and Josh at that musical. My mom decided to spread her social butterfly wings that weekend and invited Josh out to lunch with her and the school secretary. I also received an invite, along with my sister and her husband. When I walked into the restaurant in yoga pants and a messy bun, I saw Josh sitting next to my mom and knew something was up. Josh remembers me rolling my eyes and flaunting my independence by sitting a few chairs down from him after being asked to sit next to him.

Eventually my mom sparked a conversation between Josh and I and she so kindly moved down a chair so Josh could sit next to me. I soon found out that Josh was in the Army and dreamed of serving our country in Hawaii or even Germany. Because of his career goals, I knew that this could only be a friendship - little did I know that he would become my husband! I had no idea what a career in the Army looked like so I naively asked him, "what's your thoughts on gun control?" At that time, I was preparing for an interview that consisted of political questions and thought I could pick Josh's brain. Meanwhile, Josh was so impressed that this was the first question I ever asked him. It was a harmless question, but Josh thought I was truly trying to get to know him.

About ten minutes after meeting each other at the restaurant, Josh sent me a flattering DM on Facebook. Since we weren't Facebook friends, I didn't see his message and wrote back to him four days later! At that time, I knew I couldn't play the typical "let me wait two hours before I respond to him" After a few messages back and forth, my mom conveniently invited Josh to her birthday festivities that weekend and he showed up to each outing! After the second birthday celebration, the weekend had ended and when we left the venue, my mom's friend said to me, "if you don't marry him, I will!"

Four months later and Josh asked my mom for my hand in marriage. Nine months later, we got engaged. Two years later, we said "I Do." Whether it's fate or destiny, the stars aligned for us in 2018! Or maybe it's just that mom's know best.

First and third photo by East Way Photography. Second photo by SLZPhotography.

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