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Viva Las VEGAS!!!!

It is common for people to think that children with divorced parents are at a disadvantage. Although I haven't talked to my dad in years, I never felt like I was hindered in anyway. Instead, I truly believe I had an advantage because I gained a different perspective on life and quickly learned what and who is important. I also have to give my mom a lot of credit because she has been mom and dad for as long as I can remember. Regardless of my parent's divorce, my mom never wanted my sister and I to long for anything or feel like we were lacking something because we grew up in a single household.

With that mindset and a super fun mom, I am fortunate to have visited so many fun places in and out of the United States. From Jamaica to North Carolina, my mom always made it happen. This year we decided (at the last minute) to visit Las Vegas, Nevada! We stayed at the Mirage located in a general area of the four mile long Strip. The central part of the Strip is home to huge hotels, endless (over priced) restaurants, Fashion Show Mall (250 stores are inside) and more! Unlike NY, every hotel in Vegas is elaborate and it makes you feel like you're inside a small village. There is no such thing as running down to the front desk because the wait is about 30 minutes. Gambling inside the hotel never ends and alcohol consumption can be seen at all hours of the day. If you didn't want to leave the hotel, you probably wouldn't have to because there are a number of high class restaurants inside.

When you pass by the central part of the Strip you enter old Vegas and Fremont Street. This is where you will see a number of marriage chapels (the ones you see in the movies), more lights and old shops and hotels. Old motels span the outskirts of the Strip. They used to be the highlight of Vegas but now, most of them sit there with the purpose of preserving history.

In addition to exploring a place 2,000 miles away from NY, my mom, sister and I tanned, ate way too many milkshakes at Black Tap and visited our cousins. I think the best and worst part about vacationing is meeting people. I know...shocking. However, I can never understand why you connect with someone so well for only a few days and then you most likely will never see them again. While we were away, we met this fun young couple from England. I truly believe we meet people for a reason but I always wonder what that reason is if we most likely will never see them again.

After graduating college, I feel like time ticks quicker than it used to. Now that I have said goodbye to summers as I knew them, I am so thankful to still have moments that I can cherish with my family. Gifts can come and go but memories like this will last forever.

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