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Why You Should Network

Networking changed my life. Think of it as a fancy way to build relationships through in-person and online social interaction. It's the thing to do as an adult because you gain personal and professional relationships that can kick start your career or create opportunities. If you think your network is Instagram, it's time to get to work.

Building your social empire on Instagram is equally important as creating professional relationships with family members, co-workers, people in your field or mentors. You must be brave enough to have conversations with people about your background and goals. Although you can receive (job openings, leads, opportunities, meet new people) from this new connection, you should also give in return. It's also important to nurture your network to establish trust and long-lasting relationships.

I did a lot in college but I should have done more. I was lucky that my personal project of collecting radios for memory care homes sparked interest from the Alzheimer's Association. I received a call from the CEO after appearing on the news and quickly found myself as an active volunteer for the Association. On May 15, 2018 I volunteered at the Meeting of The Minds and I met Julie - it was her first day as an Alzheimer's Association employee.

I failed to maintain personal contact with Julie but surprisingly, she remembered me. As I soaked up the Vegas sun three months later, I received an email from the Association. They offered me a long term temp position and eventually a full time job. My role as an Event Specialist changed the trajectory of my career and I can't fathom where I would be today if I didn't accept that position.

Whether it's networking, internships or volunteer work, you never know who you will encounter. I have been lucky to meet influential people throughout my career. It's all about who you know and I can confidently say that Julie changed my life. She's the reason why I have a career and a forever friend.

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