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Workout Tips For Any Fitness Level

Prioritizing your health and fitness isn't easy, but it's worth it. It requires hard word, dedication, a can-do attitude and a lifestyle change. My passion for working out emerged from my eleven year gymnastics career and as a young teenager, I fell in love with running and eventually appreciated weight training. I'm often asked about my workout routine because I am strong, slim and toned. Here's how to acheive your exercise goals, regardless of your fitness level.

1. Set a goal (s)

What do you want to accomplish? Whether it's loosing weight or building muscle, start by setting a goal. Then, determine a plan of action - what you will do to accomplish the goal. Maybe it's eatting more vegetables or running a mile every day. I suggest saying your goal, plan of action and start date out loud. The acknowledgement of what is required will hold you accountable.

Tip: Strength training (heavy weight, low reps) will help you gain muscle, endurance training (low weight, more reps) will help tone and maintain current fitness level and cardiovascular endurance (running, swimming, biking) is great for the heart and will help you loose excess fat.

2. Find your niche

Yoga, cross fit, zumba, cycling, weight lifting, personal training, running - the list goes on and on. Whatever movement you choose, I encourage you to do something challenging that increases your heart rate. Try a few different workouts and add your favorite to a daily routine. Pre-pandemic, I frequented the gym to supliment cardio workouts. I suggest going to the gym with a set of exercises to eliminate any time that's wasted by being inactive. Now, I workout at home with a booty band and a set of five and 10 pound dumbells. I typically run four miles and complete a 40-60 minute strength workout every day.

Tip: If you don't know what to do or where to start, I highly reccommend Sydney Cummings. I swear by Sydney and she's the reason for my current success. I also like Sami Clarke, MadFit and Chloe Ting.

3. Create a healthy relationship with food

Eat what you want (in moderation) and don't punish yourself for eating unhealthy. This can be a challenge for people who abuse food by under or over eating. Learn to read nutrition labels and define unfamiliar ingredients that may be disguised as sugar. This will empower you to make smart food choices that are energizing and rich in nutrients. Remember that you deserve to fuel your body and you worked hard during your workout to reward yourself with food that will help you grow mentally and physically.

Tip: Be aware of eating disorders. As a teen, I overcompensated workouts if I ate something unhealthy, which I later discovered was anorexia nervosa. We are surrounded by unnatinable standards of beauty and our mind can easily play tricks on us. Listen to your body, respond accordingly and don't deprive yourself.

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